Student Worship

The middle school and high school years can be some of the most challenging times to
follow Jesus, so it’s important to have a chance to learn how God’s Word impacts the real situations you’re facing. Student Worship is a chance to gather with other students,
worship God, and learn from a relevant message that connects the Bible with your life.
Student Worship meets every Sunday at 10:30am.

Student Groups

You’re not meant to follow Jesus alone! In groups, you’ll build friendships with other
students and adult leaders as you discuss what it means to follow Jesus where you are.
This is a chance to have a real conversation with others about matters of faith and the
challenging parts of life. Groups meet Sundays at 6:00pm in the fall and spring.

Ministry Teams

As a student, you have a unique contribution to make to in God’s kingdom! We encourage
all students to use their gifts and abilities to serve others. Maybe you can help the next
generation know God by serving with the Kids Ministry. Maybe you can lead others to
encounter God’s presence with the Worship or Tech teams. Or maybe you can help others
have a great experience at Town & Country with the First Impressions team! Whatever it is, God wants to use you!

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